• Purchase of smallholdings, bare land, property with agricultural ties.
  • Cash release for working capital and equipment purchase.
  • Restructuring existing borrowings.
  • Buying out a retiring partner, family member or your tenanted smallholding.
  • Financing new and improved infrastructure around the property.

We provide adaptable agricultural mortgages, bridging finance and ground rent capitalisation for smallholders based on an expert awareness of the farming industry with its distinctive and unique needs, whilst ensuring we provide exceptional client relationships.

Flexible agricultural property finance for smallholders

The requirements of businesses in the agricultural sector have certainly changed over recent years and often don’t meet standard banks’ lending requirements. Here at Farm & Equestrian Finance, we provide continuing relationships with our clients to ensure businesses are fully understood and their evolving financial needs are met.

We understand that one of the most substantial challenges for start-up smallholding businesses is limited cashflow, whilst the business is becoming established. We can work with a number of specialist lenders who can provide repayment and interest payment holidays on agricultural mortgages and loans to help you during the early stages of your business.

We have a long-established portfolio of relationships within the banking and secondary agricultural lending sectors who will endeavour to gain an understanding of your business so they can offer the commercial finance options to best suit your specifications.

Get in touch today if you’d like to find out how we could help with your smallholding’s financial needs or if you’d like more information about how we can help with farm mortgages, equestrian property, diversification plans, land mortgages, dairy cattle finance, rural business, holiday let finance or development projects.