• Farm shop, cafes, restaurants.
  • Holiday lets, longer term AST rentals.
  • Forestry, vineyards, fish farms.
  • Camping, glamping, log cabins, tree houses, caravan sites.
  • Sporting activities, leisure parks, outdoor fitness & assault courses.
  • Caravan storage, children’s nurseries, livery stables.
  • Any other of your diversification ideas.

At Farm & Equestrian Finance we offer flexible business finance options based on our substantial knowledge of farm and rural businesses, including mortgage finance, development finance, bridging finance and ground rent capitalisation. Our experience enables us to find appropriate commercial borrowing for diversification and leisure projects which will then help your land and property assets work harder (and more efficiently), in turn increasing your overall business returns.

Farm & Equestrian finance provide financial solutions to help you diversify

Agricultural and rural businesses are increasingly choosing to diversify their income streams, in order to maximise profit made from their existing property assets. Furthermore, the changes to Government agricultural financial support schemes will encourage those in the farming and rural industries to search for more innovative ways to enhance their profitability.

The difficulties facing rural businesses wishing to diversify are often due to mainstream banks and lenders needing the borrower to have existing financial and operating experience in the chosen diversification which is often not available if a farmer is diversifying away from farming into a completely new venture.

Farm & Equestrian Finance has an extensive portfolio of connections within the banking and secondary lending sectors who will aim to attain an understanding of your proposed business, enabling them to offer the best finance options for your planned business venture.


The very best financial interests with diversification start-up businesses in mind

Limited cashflow for start-up businesses is often a difficulty when trying to become established. We work closely with different specialist lenders who can provide repayment and interest payment holidays on mortgages and loans to help you establish your diversification business.

Get in touch today if you’d like to find out how we could help with your diversification financing requirements or if you’d like more information on how we can help with farms, smallholdings, equestrian property, land finance, dairy cattle finance. holiday let finance, rural business or development projects.