• Available for owners of land with solar and wind farms on their land owned by external parties
  • Capitalisation of long term contracted rental income
  • Maximum capitalisation period 25 years of lease remaining
  • Minimum capitalisation period 10 years of lease remaining
  • Current value of future rental income based on Discounted Cash Flow models

Rent capitalisation for land owners in Great Britain

Many landowners have rented a portion of their land on a long term lease to a financial institution or alternative energy operator to allow the tenant to build and operate a solar farm or wind farm. In return the landowner receives an annual rental over as much as 25 years which is typically linked to inflation.

Farm and Equestrian Finance works with a group of pension funds and long term investors who are keen to acquire long term future rental streams. These investors are able to pay you a capital sum now to gain the benefit of the future revenue stream due over the remaining years of the lease.

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