Our bridging finance options


  • Maximum Loan to Value 70%
  • The inclusion of additional security will enable a facility equivalent to 100% of purchase value
  • Maximum Loan Period – 24 months
  • Rolled up interest or interest only
  • Interest Rates between 0.5% per month and 1.5% per month
  • Minimum property borrowing facility – £100,000

Bridging finance for rural businesses across Great Britain

Here at Farm & Equestrian Finance, we specialise in providing bridging finance loans for a wide range of rural enterprises, from farms, smallholdings and equestrian mortgages, through to diversification projects, land mortgages, rural business and development projects.


Non-regulated bridging loans for rural businesses

Our bridging loans are unregulated. This happens when the agricultural or rural property in question is being used as security for business or investment purposes which will never be occupied by the borrower on completion of the project or any member of the immediate family. A bridging loan also becomes unregulated when it is taken out under the name of an agricultural company or enterprise, instead of a person.